Kenkun Shrine

Enshrined Deity
Lord Oda Nobunaga

Established in 1869

Enshrined on Mt.Funaoka
in Kyoto

Peace & security of the nation
Safety of all people

The shrine dedicated to Lord Oda Nobunaga

Kenkun Shrine was established in 1869 on order from Emperor Meiji in order to venerate the spirit of Lord Oda Nobunaga.

Enshrined on top of Mt. Funaoka

Mt. Funaoka is a small mountain that was regarded as the place of worship for Genbu of the North, a black tortoise and one of the four god beasts said to guard the cardinal directions around the Heian capital.

Takeisao Shrine?

Though formally known as Takeisao Shrine, this shrine is more commonly referred to as Kenkun Shrine, or Kenkun-san.

From the lush grounds of Kenkun Shrine you can see Mt. Hiei and Mt. Daimonji (Mt. Nyoigatake) as well as enjoy the sight of the 36 Peaks of the Higashiyama mountain range in the east.

Notice regarding visiting the shrine

Weather at Kenkun Shrine

  • Reception hours for the shrine office are from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • There are only street lights in some parts of the shrine precincts, so please be careful where you step when visiting at night.
  • Please refrain from smoking, eating or drinking (except for hydrating with plastic bottles, water bottles, etc.), and bringing pets to the shrine precincts.
  • Flying a drone or taking commercial photographs within the shrine precincts is not permitted without permission.