1 Saitan-sai
3 Genshi-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai
Early Hatsu Uma-sai
11 Kigen-sai
17 Kinen-sai
23 Tencho-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai
Early Daiwa-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai
30 Nagoshi Ōharae
30 Chinowa Shinji

1 Rei-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai
19 Funaoka-taisai

1 Tsukinami-sai
23 Niiname-sai
23 Ohitaki-sai

1 Tsukinami-sai
31 Misoka Ōharae
31 Joya-sai


every month 1st,(exc. January and July) 10:00am

It is a monthly festival held on a day related to the shrine.
At Kenkun Shrine, the festival is held on the 1st of every month, following the annual festival held on July 1st.

Nagoshi Ōharae / Chinowa Shinji 

Jun. 30th, 5:30pm

It is a Shinto ritual held on June 30th, which is halfway through the year, to exorcise the impurities that have accumulated over the past six months and to pray for good health during the remaining six months.
Held just inside the shrine’s main torii gate, this ritual sees a large gathering of people who all together pass through the reed ring while chanting a waka poem, proceeding through three times in a ritual that serves to pray for sound health.


July 1st, 10:00am

It is the most important festival held at a shrine on a special day chosen according to the history of the shrine’s enshrined deity or the shrine’s auspicious origins.
A festival held in connection with the Honnō-ji Incident that occurred on June 2nd (July 1st according to the Gregorian calendar) in the 10th year of the Tenshō era, 1582.


October 19th, 11:00am

The Funaoka Taisai is a festival held on the anniversary of enshrined deity Lord Nobunaga’s procession into the capital in 1568 (Eiroku 11) to tell future generations of his glorious achievements. In a grand festival that has been carried out every year since the enshrinement, representatives from the local population and Nishijin school districts gather in reverence for the Funaoka Taisai. Each year the  plainclothes dance “Atsumori” and a bugaku dance are performed, and other offerings such as special treasure exhibitions or matchlock rifle demonstrations vary depending on the year.


Nov. 23rd, 11:00am

Held just inside the shrine’s main torii gate, hitaki-kushi (sticks with prayers written on them) are burned in a sacred flame in a ritual that serves to pray for sound health and to ward off fire disasters.