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We may not be available during rituals or prayers.

Ofuda (Shinto Talisman)

Kenkun Shrine

Yoshiteru Inari Shrine


Ofuda talismans are ideally enshrined within Kamidana household shrines, but can also be placed in clean, bright areas of the home facing east or south. 
In front of the Kamidana place offerings of rice (washed or cooked), salt, and water, then make your supplication just as you would at a shrine by bowing twice, clapping twice, praying, and bowing once more.

Omamori (Good Luck Charms)

Good Luck

Health & Peace

Victory & Realization of Ambitions

Warding Off Evil
“Yagen Tōshirō” / “Sōza Samonji”

Protecting Mind & Body
“Yagen Tōshirō”

Good Relationship

Living Each Day to the Fullest

Good Luck
(Sticker Type)

Traffic Safety
(Suction Cup Type)

Traffic Safety
(Keyholder Type)

Traffic Safety & Success in School

Reed Ring Omamori
(Late June only)

Goshuin Seal

Kenkun Shrine

“Tenka Fubu” with Dragons

Inari Myōbu Motomiya


Goshuin Seal of portraits of twelve of Oda Nobunaga’s thirty six loyal vassals, retainers

Special Goshuin Seal of Nobunaga’s Sword
“Yagen Tōshirō” “Sōza Samonji”
“Heshikiri Hasebe” “Fudou Yukimitsu”

Katana Goshuin Pilgrimage in Kyoto

( March 20th to September 8th, 2024 )

  • To participate in this campaign, please go to these four shrines and buy Goshuin card. Each Goshuin card costs 1,000 yen.
  • When you buy Goshuin card, you can get it stamped on this form.
  • Be sure to bring this form to collect the stamps.
  • You can go to the four shrines in any order.
  • Please show this form with all four stamps at the last shrine you visited. You will then get a souvenir.

Goshuin Seal Book

Tenka Fubu

Sōza Samonji

Yagen Tōshirō

Fudou Yukimitsu

Heshikiri Hasebe

Goshuinchō Seal Book

Ema (Votive Tablet)

Japanese Armor

Japanese Sword
“Sōza Samonji”

Japanese Sword
“Yagen Tōshirō”


Prayer Stick

Bonfire Prayer Stick
(Mid November only)

Omikuji Fortunes